A Nation On The Brink

I find myself sitting here in worship and prayer, my heart aching and grieved, feeling like somehow as the Church, and myself as a Daughter that we are somehow missing the heart of God. Anyone who is breathing cannot escape the debate and the brink that our nation is resting upon right now, and this post isn’t necessarily about “choosing” a side. It’s more of a working out of a prayer and a dialogue with God. I know clearly what the Bible teaches on sin, how can anyone who has ever picked it up not? And I’ve seen argument upon argument using it for their case, whether to drive the point home that said “choice” is wrong, or to show the extremeness of the law, usually found in the old testament such as a man shall be put to death for shaving. And forgive me, but I feel like both hearts behind the use is wrong.


I feel like as the Church we have an awesome opportunity to share the love of Christ and the Good News of Who He is, but rather than thriving in prayer and that opportunity we are using social media and the Word as  a bludgeoning tool for the opposing camp. And before anyone gets ready to call me a heretic or soft on sin, let me set the record clear. I believe we are sinful and that sin is real and apart from Christ there is no hope. I am not soft on sin and anyone who knows me, knows how hard I am on myself first, but am so thankful for the Cleansing Blood of Jesus and His grace and forgiveness, so drop the thought right now that I am in anyway condoning sin, because I am not. Like Christ never once approved of sin, neither do I. Where the problem lies, I believe, is how we approach it.


You see, I was the woman at the well. I was the “whore”, the drunkard, the drug user, the one full of sin, and you know what? I was the one Jesus came for. As I sat here tonight in prayer asking the Lord to help me identify what it was I was experiencing, He brought to mind two different people that played a very significant role in my salvation and “God experience”. The first was a “Christian” boyfriend. He continually pointed out all my shortcomings. He showed me in the Word how I was the wayward women that led men to death. That I was a failure not worthy of the Love of Christ. That I was the demolition car, not the Ferrari to be treasured and covered. The other was a woman who taught me Who God was. Who Jesus was, what His heart was for me. That I was created in His image, that I had a purpose and that I was worth the blood of His Son. That I was made for so much more. So I ask you, who do you think impacted me the most?


The answer was both, but it was the woman who showed me love, and out of that love came the recognition of my own sinfulness. The true portrayal of the Gospel and Jesus, and an encounter with the Living God is what brought about change. The bashing and bludgeoning that the “Christian” used did not bring about change, in fact, it pushed me deeper into sin because I thought, “well they are right, I will never change, I am unworthy”. All lies, because Jesus came to set us free and to reveal the Father to us.


I feel and believe we have a choice as Christians as we face what is ahead in our nation. We can be the boyfriend, or the woman. If as the Church we were doing as Christ said, going into all the world making disciples of all nations baptizing them in the Name of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we would not be battling in the flesh. When the heart changes, so does everything else.


Another thought is, honestly, the government is not our savior nor our moral compass. When the Lord drove His people into exile He never said to fight the government. He said to obey Him and to follow Him, knowing full well they were under the rule of those that opposed everything He stood for, Truth, Righteousness, Justice. In the New Testament when Jesus arrived on the earth, the disciples and those He taught were under Roman Rule, a wicked and perverse system. Jesus addressed the heart, not the law. The law will never change the heart, only Jesus can.


So my question is, where do we go from here? Instead of being known for what we are against, why not follow Jesus? When we seek to live like Him and follow Him, we see quite a transformation. The world was turned upside down by faithful followers, and I never saw one of them with a picket sign or a face book profile picture to show what they were against………….


Working out my salvation with fear and trembling, learning to Love like Him and follow His example, your sister in Christ with a broken heart for those that don’t know Him.

Stay Informed