Don't Die In The Season


I've been pondering my last post entitled “Seasons” and realized there is more to add. I alluded to it in my statement “there is fruit to be bore in your season”. Too often, we use the excuse of the type of season we are in to sit on our tushies and either, A) Feel sorry for ourselves or B) Make it a reason not to grow and serve God, and neither are what a season of life is intended for.


Now I am guilty for throwing a tantrum because I am not getting to serve God the way I want to because of my station in life, and you can’t tell me I am the only one. But when it comes down to it, there are seasons in the physical just as there are in the spiritual. Winter, spring, summer and fall are all very real seasons, and in Michigan, winter seems to be the longest, but as I was saying, they are very real and show us something that can be applied to the spiritual side of our lives.


Winter is when things appear dormant, it’s cold, it’s blustery, it’s loooooooooooooooooooong, but it serves a purpose. Under that snow the ground is preparing, the trees from their roots up, are preparing, and the winter can actually make them stronger. In the seasons that feel cold, stormy and long in our life, God is actually doing something. He is drawing you closer to Him, He is allowing a strengthening to occur, IF you will press into Him. Do you know that the stronger the winds, the stronger the oak tree? Isaiah 61 refers to God’s people as being Oaks of Righteousness, a planting for the display of His splendor. But if we curl up and “die” out of defeat and self pity, we miss the purpose for which He intended that season. It's a time of rest and recovery but It’s also a preparation time, and I guarantee, if you ask Him in prayer, He will show you what or how to prepare.


Spring is where we see new life budding and blooming, but unless winter happens, spring does not. There is a delicate balance and if we want to birth new life, we have got to go through winter. If you are in birthing season, though there may be pain, you know there is so much joy. There is newness, freshness, there is nothing like it.


Summer can be two fold, it can be a time of refreshing, and I know you are thinking beaches in Northern Michigan (if you are from there), but it can also be hot! Bring on the heat, because the heat can purge us. Allow that purging season.


Fall is a time of pruning and preparing again for the winter. There is a harvest and then a preparation for dormancy. Some things in our lives may have reached their full potential, but now it’s time to prune and to prepare. We can’t live off of old fruit. It’s time to shed the things, good and bad just like a tree loses it’s leaves to prepare for winter so that once again new life can be born, we too must lose the past and prepare for the next season with Him.


Be encouraged friends, seasons do pass, but don’t die in them, bear the fruit that must be bore, go through the pruning and the growth, and in it all keep your eyes and hearts fixed on him

Stay Informed