Seasons. We throw the term seasons around in the church quite frequently. I know I have.  We hear of a situation in someone’s life and we encourage them and remind them that it’s “just the season they are in” and “soon they will pass through”. How many singles out there have had that said to you? I am sorry to all whom I have said that to, because honestly, even in our most earnest moments, it sounds flippant and a disregard to what the individual is going through.


I bring this up, because until recently, that term never really bothered me.  That is, until I entered the season of motherhood, a mother of two and pregnant with the third.  I do recognize that this is a very real time in life.  I’ve missed out on ministry opportunities because of a nursing infant or a sick child. I’ve forgone mission’s trips due to having little ones at home or being pregnant. My time is limited and I can only do so much, and I know that, and I know it won’t last forever, but I am human and I have my moments too.  A child sick for a week and being cooped up at home is a sure way to roast the flesh and to ignite feelings of “woe is me”. So when a well-meaning person says to me, “oh it’s the season you’re in” I honestly want to kick them.  Now hear me out.  I know what they have said is true, but there is nothing like pointing out the obvious. And that is where I feel, in the church, we sometimes fall short, me included.  We all know what the term season means.  The Bible talks about seasons in a variety of ways. The harvest season, reading the signs and the seasons for Jesus return, and probably the one that everyone knows whether in the church or out, the verse in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”


Where am I going with all this? Well I think that we need to work on our approach with people when they are facing different circumstances or shall I say seasons in their lives.  Rather than remind them of what they are glaringly aware of, why not pray for them?  If it is a season of single loneliness, invite them into your home.  If it’s the frazzled mother cooped up, bring her a latte, a magazine, offer to watch her kiddos so she can get out.  If it’s the financially strained, drop some groceries or a gas card off.  Whatever the “season” may be, rather than point out the obvious, DO SOMETHING.  So rather than talking about the seasons, lets encourage one another, spurring one another onto good works in Christ Jesus.  Each season serves its purpose and sometimes we just need that prayer or that friendly gesture to remind us that this too will pass and to enjoy it while we can, because life is truly a vapor and it will be gone in a moment.  So for all my single friends out there, I pray for strength for you in the times of weakness and I pray for the most intimate time with Christ that you have ever known.  For my frazzled moms, I pray for peace in the storm, encouragement in the laundry and joy in the little things, praying that you will hear His voice in new ways and discover His heart like you’ve never known.  For my financially strained friends, I pray for His provision, and His wisdom in ways you’ve never seen before. And for the many other seasons not listed, I pray for the God of all comfort to comfort you, to provide just what you need, be it a word of encouragement, or breakthrough.  Do not lose heart my friends.  Embrace the“season”, but when you feel like you cannot embrace it anymore, reach out to Christ, to the Church and to one another knowing that there is fruit to be bore in all of it.


Fighting the fight with you, the sleep deprived mommy of three.


Stay Informed