The Holocaust Was Far Worse Than We Thought. What Will Be Said Of Abortion?

The following is from Bound 4 Life

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is less than two miles from Bound4LIFE’s headquarters in Washington, DC. I have visited it many times, and I have always been profoundly impacted by what I encounter there both mentally and emotionally—whether it’s standing in an actual train car once filled with Jews being transported to death camps or first learning about Aktion T4.

From 1933 to 1945 Eugenics research reached a quick and inevitable maturity in the form of Nazi Germany and their reign of terror. In the name of “racial hygiene,” we have long heard quoted the number of Jews murdered by the Nazis to be six million. We now call it a holocaust, but, ironically, Nazis credited America with having discipled them in eugenics theory and study.  To continue click here.

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