When Mercy Found Me AND You


The lyrics to the song I referenced are as follows:


I can't count the broken roads I've been down, but all I know;
Something had to give; something had to give
Cause living my life so wild and free
Finally caught up
Oh it left me broken; left me hopeless,
But that's where I met Jesus.


In one moment everything changed
Who I was got washed away
When mercy found me
My Savior's arms were open wide
And I felt love for the very first time
When mercy found me
When mercy found me


All those days, all those doubts
They don't seem to matter now.
His Grace is all I need
His Grace is all I need
And the chains that I was in before
They don't hold me anymore
His love has rescued me.
His love has set me free.




My mind found peace
My soul found hope
My heart found a home.



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